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New blog projects?

Now that I have my new domain finally fixed and set up, I’ve been thinking of setting up another blog. Unlike this blog, which is essentially¬†My Blog on Everything, I’m thinking of setting up a new blog that’s geared towards a specific topic.

A new blog that I’m thinking of setting up is one dedicated to my year-long stay in Spain while I work for the AIESEC national team there; however, that can’t happen until I actually get to Spain. I’m thinking of blogging about places I visit, food, etc.

Another cool idea that I came up with would be setting up a blog dedicated leadership issues. I did this two years ago, but unfortunately I wasn’t that committed to blogging yet. Leadership is a topic I really like talking about.

A final idea I had in mind would be in honor of my Political Science major: starting a blog dedicated towards BC public issues, and providing readers with a resource to understanding what these issues mean and how it impacts them. The BC general election will be taking place in May 2013, so it might be a good time to get it started!

I’m not committed to getting anything new started yet. What do you think?