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Eventful six weeks

It’s been a while since I posted. I forgot to pay the bill for my website’s host, so the blog was offline for a while, but it seems that everything is set again.

It’s been an eventful few weeks, spanning several cities, so I’ll do my best to cover them in one blog post!

Winter National Leadership Development Seminar (WNLDS) in Erdenet

Train to Erdenet

Train to Erdenet

We traveled by train to Erdenet, the second largest city in Mongolia, for the Winter National Leadership Development Seminar, held the week after I came back to Mongolia from the Christmas/New Year holiday.

The train on the way to Erdenet was fun, but we were also very busy with getting ready for the conference. We had to be careful with our belongings when we stopped over at Darkhan, as the train doors are opened for vendors to sell food and snacks to passengers. There’s an open definition of ‘vendor’ – so that meant that pretty much anyone could enter the train, and this meant thieves and pickpockets. There was a suspicious kid (around 12-13 years old) eyeing us in our doorless cabin – I’m sure he knew we were foreign with all the English we were speaking. We stayed awake the entire time we were in Darkhan (around an hour). We survived with none of our belongings stolen!

WNLDS in Erdenet

WNLDS in Erdenet

Overall, the conference went well. It was nice to see the delegates engaged in the sessions and eager to participate. What I really liked about the conference was how people took the presidential election seriously. Our members showed genuine interest and concern in how they would cast their vote for the next national president. This conference was special because it was the first time MCP candidates were competing for the position in person, instead of via a shoddy Skype connection. What made the conference even more special was that Saikhnaa was elected the next President of AIESEC Mongolia for the 2014-2015 term, the first ever Mongolian AIESEC member to hold the role.

Sudden Return to Vancouver

A few days after I returned to UB from Erdenet, I had to fly back to Vancouver for the citizenship test. I won’t divulge too much details, except to say that I passed and that my life in Canada is pretty much set after my MC term and AIESEC career ends! I got back to UB last week.

Admitted to DAP

Over the Christmas holiday, I made the decision to apply for the Diploma in Accounting Program with the UBC Sauder School of Business. I was admitted to the program a few days before I went to Erdenet. I decided to accept the offer a few days later after I made the final decision to go through with it. Aside from the career path that I have elected to take, the other major and immediate effect this will have on me is that my MC term will be cut short by about two months, as I plan on starting the program in May. I will be leaving Mongolia by the third week of April.

I think that pursuing this route will be a good decision for me. Everything that I have done in AIESEC the last five years and five months has culminated in my decision to pursue this career path. I will definitely blog more about this, but this will be it for now.

One World International Scholarship

Earlier today (should I say yesterday as its now 3.20am, Saturday), I received an e-mail confirming that I had been awarded the One World International Scholarship by the Irving K Barber British Columbia Scholarship Society and UBC!

The scholarship is awarded to support BC students in embarking on international exchange. The financial aspect of this scholarship will certainly help when I start my year-long work term with AIESEC in Spain, but I’m even more excited at the fact that my work with AIESEC at UBC has been recognized in this way by both the Irving K Barber Society and the university itself!

I want to give a big thank you to Professor Raul Pacheco (@raulpacheco, attended his Poli 375 Global Environmental Politics class in third year – you might want to sign up for it!) and Deb Browne (President of Entrepreneurial Success Network and member of AIESEC UBC Board of Advisors) for helping me out with the application!

UBC Student Leadership Conference 2012

OK – so I’ve been sick the last week, hence the lack of blogging – but hey better late than never!

Anyways, today I went to the UBC Student Leadership Conference, and it was awesome. The conference theme was “breakthrough” – something that I could relate to especially as a result of the last two years of being a member of the AIESEC UBC Exec team.

Breakthrough meant a sudden realization – be it of one’s talents, passions, abilities, etc – the list goes on! I was able to relate to the theme because my personal breakthrough was a realization of the goals I had set for myself both personally and in the leadership roles I occupied in AIESEC as a result of hard work. It was awesome to see many people having similar breakthroughs, and to be able to meet people who were going through, or had gone through, the same experience.