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End of CWM internship, school, and getting ready for Singapore

Things have been a bit crazy lately, so this is mainly just an updates/catch-up post.

I wrapped up my marketing internship with Canada Wide Media last Thursday. The night before was the Best Companies to Work For in B.C. Awards Gala, and it was really great to see how everything turned out. During the actual event, I helped with set up and registration, which meant that I actually got to meet some of the people whose names I became familiar with as a result of looking updating the RSVP list daily. John Herdman, the keynote speaker for the evening, was just awesome.

What was also cool for me was seeing my contribution to the event – the title videos that accompanied each speaker, category finalist and award winner were all made by me on iMovie. It was a bit tedious, I admit, but it was great seeing those accompanying title videos run without any problems!

Anyways, I’m now in the process of wrapping up school. I finished one of my final papers last night and submitted it a few hours ago. I have one more paper to write, and then I’ll be studying for what will hopefully be my last final exam for my undergraduate degree ever.

I’m almost set with my upcoming co-op work term with Singapore. I now have my student pass (ie student visa), which was issued just two days after I submitted the application online! This is a far cry from my experience with applying for a Spanish visa, which took forever and was unsuccessful after four months worth of trying and waiting.

I’m just finalizing my flight details with Sears, and waiting for NUS to tell me where on campus I’ll end up staying. Another thing worth noting is that I contacted AIESEC in Singapore about getting involved – they replied to my e-mail quickly, so I’ll probably be doing some AIESEC stuff on the side while I’m there, which should be really cool.

Anyways, back to schoolwork!

This weekend

This weekend was fairly busy. On Friday night, I hung out with a very unique group of people – Filipino people who grew up in Indonesia. We went out to The Union for dinner and drinks.

Some of the Filipinos from Indonesia. Photo by Christina (@buizachristina)

Drinks at The Union. I love San Miguel! Drinking this with Singapore Noodles – yummy! Photo by myself 🙂

On Saturday, I manned the BC Home and Garden booth the whole day at the Christmas at Hycroft event at Hycroft House in Shaughnessy.

BC Home and Garden name tag. Photo by myself.

The next few days, my energy will be devoted to one of my final research papers – so back to essay writing!


So the last few weeks at Canada Wide Media have been pretty busy, and have revolved around events!

At the moment, I’m helping the marketing team get ready for the annual Best Companies to Work For in BC Awards Gala, taking place on November 28th. I’ve been following up with attendees, including companies nominated for awards during the Gala.

Taken from the BCBusiness website

On a more interesting note, I’ve also been playing around with iMovie a lot – apparently, I might be asked to help out with the slideshow part of the event. The slideshows would be used to announce finalists, winners, and speakers at the event. Anyways, it’s been fun playing around with iMovie, so I’m guessing I found out this week if they need me to do anything with it.

Other things I’ve been helping with: I’ve been helping promote Youthink‘s BC’s Best Teen Band Contest to teenage/high school bands, which has been interesting as getting their contact info is not easy, but somehow I succeeded. My efforts seem to be working as a few of the bands I talked to expressed interest!

Taken from Youthink’s website

This week, I expect to do more work for the upcoming Best Companies event, and I may be helping out with a Christmas event for BC Home & Garden this Saturday. I guess I’ll find out this week!

BCBusiness VIP Event at CinCin

So over the last few weeks, I’ve been helping coordinate several events during my marketing internship at Canada Wide Media. Among those events was the BCBusiness VIP Event which took place today at CinCin.

BCBusiness is one of several magazines that Canada Wide Media publishes. The VIP Event was a stand-up lunch meant to celebrate the appointments of the new Editor-in-Chief of BCBusiness and Executive Chef at CinCin.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been coordinating with salespeople at Canada Wide Media to get people to attend the event. This involved a lot of Microsoft Excel. Yesterday, I e-mailed everyone who RSVPd to remind them about today’s event. A lot of people showed up!

During the event today, I helped set up BCBusiness’s small giveaway booth (free magazines with subscription cards), helped register attendees as they walked in, and then gave out free copies of BCBusiness to attendees as they left towards the end of the event.

In between it all, I managed to eat free food!

I only have one problem with today – I didn’t take pictures!! I completely forgot, which makes me mad. To compensate, I’m stealing pictures of the food (photos from CinCin’s Twitter account) that was served in today’s event. Absolutely yummy.

The risotto was basically my lunch.

Risotto at CinCin. Photo by CinCin.

The chocolate/cappucino flavor – at least I think that was the flavor – desserts were also awesome. I don’t know what they’re called, but I came back to the dessert table for them around five times.

Desserts. Photo by CinCin

I didn’t get a chance to talk to a lot of people during the event as I was pretty much running around helping set things up, but I did meet a few more people from Canada Wide Media, which was really nice.

Print vs digital

Every few days, one of my supervisors would ask me to do research on a topic. On the first week of my internship, one of the things I did was to research the pricing of business-oriented publications like Canadian Business, Forbes, etc. I was asked to do this because the marketing/production team wanted to see whether they were going to change how the print and digital editions of BCBusiness were priced.

I won’t go into detail on my research, mainly because the excel sheet with all the data I acquired is in the office computer and not on my laptop. However, one of the things that surprised me is that many of the big name business publications like Forbes priced their digital editions much higher than their print editions, which was interesting.

After my research was done, my supervisor circulated the data I found to the marketing/production team, after which they made a decision on how to price the print and digital editions of BCBusiness, which was really cool.

One of the reasons why I bring this up now is because I just found out that Newsweek is going completely digital by the end of this year – they won’t be doing their print editions anymore by 2013.

This is getting me to wonder whether more and more people are preferring digital over print. At work, my supervisor noted that a lot of subscribers to Canada Wide Media’s publications liked having both print and digital editions.

Not only that, but a lot of people that I talked to during the Vancouver Home and Design show last week had mixed opinions (some wanted a print edition, some wanted digital, others wanted both). Mind you, my supervisor and I were staffing the booth for a different Canada Wide publication, BC Home and Garden.

Will other publications ditch print and become totally digital? It’ll be interesting to see how things play out.

Mail Merge

The second week of my internship with Canada Wide Media has definitely been more busy than the first. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the office this week:

  • Lots of mail merge: I’m not kidding. I’ve been doing lots of mail merge and sending out mail constantly to people invited to a major event hosted by one of Canada Wide’s titles. Definitely a learning experience as I had to make sure that the smallest details were correct, otherwise a letter might not arrive at its intended destination!
  • Contests: Not a big part of the week, but I still managed them anyways. From the first week, one of the first things I did was to contact people who won free tickets to the Vancouver Home and Design Show happening this weekend. I also started a contest for the Canada Wide office for free tickets to the same event, which was pretty cool.
  • Trade show: Helped set up our booth at the Vancouver Home and Design Show on Wednesday, and staffed it for a few hours today. A bit different from staffing AIESEC UBC booths during the first week of school and Clubs Days!

That’s all I have right now. More to come next week!

The first five days of my internship at Canada Wide Media

My workspace in the office

My marketing internship with Canada Wide Media is only two months long. While I’ve only been an intern for five days so far, I think I’m learning a lot. Here are my thoughts and observations so far:

  • Unlike my previous work experiences, this internship is a lot more basic, but I definitely get a lot more guidance. Let me explain what I mean by basic: my previous work experiences required me to produce results with little guidance; in contrast, this internship is different. Things haven’t gotten complicated because there’s always someone there to provide support. This internship is definitely a lot more structured. My supervisors are clear on what they want me to do, and they’re always there to provide support and guidance, which is a welcome change in contrast to my previous work experiences.
  • While this isn’t my first work experience, this is my first role in an actual office. My previous work experiences often went beyond 9-5. In contrast, this internship is almost strictly 9-5. This is the first time I haven’t taken work home. Because of this, I feel that I’ve been more productive, because I know that I have to get things done during the business day.
  • Sometimes, I run out of work to do. One of the things that I learned that I needed to do would be to ask for more work when I run out of things to do. Sometimes, I feel like a pest asking for things to do, but I always remind myself that because I’m not being paid, the only compensation I’m getting from this internship is experience. My supervisors have been really cool with giving me work to do when I’m at a lull.
  • I think its really cool that I’m involved in marketing team meetings. I haven’t been able to contribute much at the moment as I’m still catching up with everyone, but I definitely love having the opportunity to see how they do things, and at the very least see how they come up with and implement ideas.

This week will be a lot busier than last week, so I’m looking forward to seeing how things go!