Back in UB


  • The commute to UB was long (YVR-PEK-ULN), with an 18-hour layover in Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA), but overall it went smoothly. My luggage was not lost, I managed to sleep in Beijing’s transit hotel in Terminal 3, and it was comfortable overall.
  • Seeing the MC and the members was really nice. When I left for Vancouver last year, I felt really stressed out and I was relieved to be able to get some time out. The time away did me a lot of good.


  • The 18-hour layover made for a cheaper flight, but I think that it was really long. There’s not a lot to do in BCIA, and the free wifi both in the terminal and the transit hotel was not reliable at all. Lesson learned: avoid excessively long layovers.
  • The price of milk increased by 17%. Nothing I can do about that.


  • I was really happy to see the MC team and the members. A break from all the work was needed, and I think it will help in the long-run. It helped prevent me from getting extremely burned out.
  • Price of milk: nothing much I can do about constant inflation in Mongolia. Being more conscious about how I spend the money I earn from teaching at night is the only thing I can really counter the effects of it.

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