I had dinner with a friend on Friday night. We were catching up both with our own lives, as well as the lives of the people that we both were friends with. Many of my friends in Vancouver seem to have moved on to different phases in their lives. Some have graduated, some have taken on new careers, and some (a significant number, mind you) have chosen to pack up and leave Vancouver altogether.

I was aware of the many changes that were happening in Vancouver during my time away this year, but I never really had a chance to mull it over and reflect over it. It was wishful thinking on my end that things would remain static at home while I was in Singapore and Mongolia.

If you go away for an extended period of time, you cannot expect things to remain stagnant, you cannot expect people to remain the same. People will move on, and if you’re returning home after an extended absence, you cannot expect to just pick up where you last left off. You just have to catch up.

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