Always there when you call

One of the unfortunate aspects of my job is that I am on-call, 24/7. Whether I like it or not, despite blocking off 10PM-7AM as my official “sleeping hours” on my Google Calendar, I am always on-call. The last two weeks, I have been starting the workday at 7AM and ending at least at 9:30PM. Skype meetings with partner companies and intern candidates have taken place anytime between “business hours” – which is really any time. I made a commitment to better balance my life when I started this MC term, and it seems like I am failing massively in meeting this commitment.

Our membership recruitment period is drawing to a close this week, so hopefully we’ll return to a somewhat normal and acceptable lifestyle, along with the appropriate sleeping patterns, soon. I’m hoping that the members we have recruited will make us proud. The feeling of empowering them to take over from us by next year will make being on-call 24/7 worth it.

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