Stressful September

The last few days and weeks have been fairly challenging. The matching process for our interns has pretty much preoccupied my attention – there are many qualified interns on, but the difficult thing is ensuring that they are interested in coming to Mongolia, and that they actually qualify for the appropriate visa that the host organization will be bringing them on. We’ve made progress in that there are applications being received and interviews are taking place, but the difficult thing is ensuring that candidates have the appropriate expectations not just of their potential internship, but also of Mongolia as well.

Recruitment is happening at the same time. We have our engagement event taking place this weekend, and our recruitment conference taking place the week after. If this were any other AIESEC country, I think that recruitment would have been easy to organize and manage, but because our organization is doing this in Mongolia for the first time with big ambitions, it is a bit harder. We are slowly but surely changing minds about what we can do and what we can achieve. Hopefully, everything will work out well.

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