Spark Up! Conference

Spark Up! Conference took place this weekend at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, and was AIESEC Mongolia’s first major event for this term. This event was geared towards returning and new university students throughout Ulaanbaatar, and was organized with the idea of getting them to realize the importance of taking advantage of their university experience, and to get them to learn more about AIESEC and its programs. The conference was held primarily in Mongolian, with little to no translation into English, which makes Spark Up! my first ever conference that I attended that was not in English, with no translation at all (well frankly, it was geared towards Mongolian students, so it made sense to have it in Mongolian).

The conference was fun, and it was great to see the delegates leave on Sunday night happy, and eager to learn more about AIESEC. However, the most important part of the conference was the post-meeting. During the post-meeting, the conference team took the time to discuss what could have been done better, and what can be done better for similar events held in the future. I wasn’t completely involved in organizing the conference and delivering the conference sessions; however, I did observe that it was quite difficult for the members to deliver, in large part because of their lack of experience. For almost all of them, this was their first time working on an event. I know that it wasn’t easy for them, and I’m sure that they learned a lot of things during their experience in organizing this event, which will make them better prepared in organizing events in the future (both in and out of AIESEC).

This is me speaking briefly during the conference. Taken from the AIESEC Mongolia album.This conference was not meant to be an entry point into AIESEC – that’s what Boot Camp is for, which will take place this coming weekend. Boot Camp is meant to serve as the official entry point into AIESEC and its programs – including the exchange programs. I’m definitely excited to see how everything will turn out.

I haven’t really had weekends this month, so I’m definitely looking forward to October. Work-related activity won’t really die down next month, but at least I’ll have most of my weekends back.

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