Changing Minds: Getting Ready for Recruitment

AIESEC Mongolia's leadership team working hard during our National Recruitment Meeting!

AIESEC Mongolia’s leadership team working hard during our National Recruitment Meeting!

August was a tough month. Having only 3/5 members of the national team out of the country for almost three weeks was be difficult, especially for the 2/5 members who stayed behind. While in Vancouver and certainly other chapters worldwide routinely expect to operate independently to run member and intern recruitment for the start of school, this expectation is new in Mongolia.

Part of the national team’s focus this year is to normalize local chapter operations – in other words, to get our local chapters to shoulder on more of the responsibility in getting things done. Changing mindsets is a difficult undertaking, and there were times where I felt like I had to give “tough love” and push members more than they were used to. I think that over the next few weeks, we’re definitely going to see more pushing happening.

We did see some progress in changing minds though – the local chapter leaders are starting to gradually assume more responsibility, especially as more of our members return to Ulaanbaatar for the start of school. It is awesome to see AIESEC Mongolia’s leaders excited – now its just ensuring that we all stay on course.

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