Shape the Future 2013 – my first AIESEC conference outside of Canada

The last week has been pretty intense:

  1. Work at the Asia Research Institute has kept me busy – the survey that the Migrating Out of Poverty Research Program Consortium will use is almost done and almost ready for approval (hopefully)!
  2. My new role with AIESEC Singapore has also kept me busy.
  3. Lost my NUS Student Card 🙁 I don’t remember where I placed it! This particular event didn’t really contribute to the intensity of the week, to be honest. Just more of an inconvenience!

What made this week extra intense was the fact that last weekend we had an AIESEC national conference. Effectively, Shape the Future 2013 was my first ever AIESEC conference outside of Canada.

I was lucky enough to facilitate two sessions during the conference. I have to admit that it was a bit of a culture shock for me at first, as I found that I had to get the audience to warm up to me first before getting started with the session, but it went well overall.


Shape the Future 2013 Delegates and Facilitators (photo by conference team)

On a separate note: it is now March, and I’m now halfway through my stay here in Singapore. Time flies!

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