First Monday in Singapore

My first day of work was fairly standard. I was introduced to people in the office, given a tour of the office, shown where everything was, and did all the administrative stuff, including setting up my office computer account. Afterwards, I met with my supervisor and a member of her research team, where I learned more about my role in ARI.

From now until the end of April, I will be part of the Migrating Out of Poverty Research Program Consortium, funded by the British Department for International Development. ARI’s role in the research program is specifically to look into why Indonesian domestic workers (predominantly women) chose to emigrate and work in Singapore. My role will be to mainly help the team in research (including newspaper/journal articles), analyzing data and looking for trends, and “cleaning up” interview transcripts (which often switch or combine English and Bahasa Indonesia). Cleaning up basically means going through errors (in English and Bahasa Indonesia), and if something doesn’t make sense, that I call attention to it. I started cleaning up a 35 page interview transcript with a former Indonesian migrant worker and her family, and hopefully I’ll finish up with it by tomorrow.

The slightly odd thing about my internship is that my work station is physically separated from everyone else in the office. But the flip side to that is that I know who goes in and out of the office, as my desk is at the very front.

One neat thing about this internship is that there will be many lectures/conferences taking place just a few steps away from my desk, so it will be a great chance to get involved and learn more about ARI’s research, and life in academia in general.

*Note: Haven’t been able to take pictures on my phone lately – will start posting pictures on future blog posts.

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