Applying for AIESEC Singapore’s National Team

AIESEC Singapore National Team Candidates, photo by Sarah Zhao

AIESEC Singapore National Team Candidates, photo by Sarah Zhao

The last two weeks have been pretty crazy.

During business hours, I’m completely focused on my co-op/internship at the Asia Research Institute, but after office hours, I’ve been focused on participating in the selection process for AIESEC Singapore’s national team for the 2013-2014 year.

Within four days of arriving in Singapore, I attended my first “Meet the People” session with one of the AIESEC chapters here, followed by three more that took place three days in a row last week. On Sunday, I was able to observe the election of AIESEC Singapore’s national president and local chapter presidents for the next term, and also managed to secure a vote of confidence from AIESEC Singapore’s membership to participate in the interview stage – the final step of the national team selection process.

I didn’t come to the decision of applying for a role with AIESEC Singapore lightly, and it took me almost two weeks to decide whether I would even submit my application when I found out about it last December. I thought that I was done with AIESEC; clearly, I’m not. I don’t know how things will turn out, but regardless of the end result, I know that I won’t regret taking this step and putting my full effort into it. It has been an intense three weeks.

While my MC term with AIESEC in Spain was unfortunately cut short last year, I’m glad with how things have turned out in the end. My co-op work term here and the timing of the elections made my participation possible. I’m glad that I, along with the rest of my fellow MC candidates, have invested a lot of time into this. It’s awesome being surrounded by people who are driven, and share the same passions as you, even though you’ve only known them for a few days.

So, with that said, all the best to my fellow MC candidates who are participating in the selection process physically here in Singapore, and virtually around the world! What will be, will be. All the best at the interviews this weekend. Fingers crossed, and good luck!

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