End of CWM internship, school, and getting ready for Singapore

Things have been a bit crazy lately, so this is mainly just an updates/catch-up post.

I wrapped up my marketing internship with Canada Wide Media last Thursday. The night before was the Best Companies to Work For in B.C. Awards Gala, and it was really great to see how everything turned out. During the actual event, I helped with set up and registration, which meant that I actually got to meet some of the people whose names I became familiar with as a result of looking updating the RSVP list daily. John Herdman, the keynote speaker for the evening, was just awesome.

What was also cool for me was seeing my contribution to the event – the title videos that accompanied each speaker, category finalist and award winner were all made by me on iMovie. It was a bit tedious, I admit, but it was great seeing those accompanying title videos run without any problems!

Anyways, I’m now in the process of wrapping up school. I finished one of my final papers last night and submitted it a few hours ago. I have one more paper to write, and then I’ll be studying for what will hopefully be my last final exam for my undergraduate degree ever.

I’m almost set with my upcoming co-op work term with Singapore. I now have my student pass (ie student visa), which was issued just two days after I submitted the application online! This is a far cry from my experience with applying for a Spanish visa, which took forever and was unsuccessful after four months worth of trying and waiting.

I’m just finalizing my flight details with Sears, and waiting for NUS to tell me where on campus I’ll end up staying. Another thing worth noting is that I contacted AIESEC in Singapore about getting involved – they replied to my e-mail quickly, so I’ll probably be doing some AIESEC stuff on the side while I’m there, which should be really cool.

Anyways, back to schoolwork!

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