Shuswap Lake


The view of Shuswap Lake from the cabin patio!

I was in Shuswap Lake all last week with friends and family. If you’ve been following me on Twitter you might’ve noticed I posted some pictures!

Anyways, the weeklong holiday was great. Kayaking was extremely fun, and relaxing too. When I went white water rafting with my brother and friends, I actually fell off the raft, and I ended up losing one of my slippers!

The cabin we stayed at was amazing – it had all the amenities you would need, even board games and old Nintendo video games! The only thing missing was wifi, so I ended up checking my e-mail on my brother’s iPhone; but then again, it was also nice not being too obligated to do work (by my standards, anyway).

It was great getting away from Vancouver, especially in light of my¬†Spanish visa situation. It allowed me to get some perspective, and plan out my next steps. I’ll elaborate more on next steps in a future blog post once things get clearer on my end.

I hope you’re enjoying the last bits of summer!

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