April so far

It’s been a while since I posted, so I thought I’d post a quick update:

  1. Turned 23 on Tuesday! Nothing big, just went to dinner with the family and then went back to studying. Dad’s visiting from Indonesia and will be returning tomorrow.
  2. Big Skype meeting with the incoming and outgoing AIESEC national team in Spain! The Achieve 2012 Conference will be taking place in Malaga next week, and I will be participating virtually via Skype in parts of the conference. It sucks that I won’t be able to be there in person, but showing up via Skype is better than nothing.
  3. Finished my International Political Economy exam and term paper. I have my Arab Politics exam on Wednesday and my Terrorism Studies exam and term paper on Friday. Can’t wait to be done!
  4. Haven’t really been following the Canucks’ progress during the playoffs – hope they succeed!

And that’s it – hope to resume blog activity after exams finish!

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